Aerial Flying

Putting your world upside down and feeling free like a bird: strength, ease, flexibility and relaxation while floating in a hammock.
Traditional movements of Yoga are practiced in hanging hammocks made of special fabrics. Due to the support of the fabrics and using gravity, yoga can be approached playfully with a special sense of zero gravity. For Inversions like the headstand, the poses are joint-friendly and easy to approach for everyone. Furthermore Aerial Flying Yoga strengthens the core effective. Releasing the spine through head first or floating through the room, discover a 360° perspective! With a lot of fun and playfulness Aerial Fyling Yoga supports strength, flexibility, sense of balance and body awareness. At the end of class students relax embraced in a cocoon sitting or lying in their hammocks.
If someone has a regular yoga practice or not,  Aerial Flying Yoga is  open to everyone !
This programm is suitable to all, even for people new to Yoga and those, who are curious and keen on trying something new.
Aerial Flying Acro
Acrobatics, strength, flexibility and relaxation  and in the floating hammock. We practice in hammocks in  U-shape special fabrics. Due to the support of the hammock, Yoga can not only  be practiced using gravity, also sweating workouts and core-strength exercises are possible. In the Acro-courses acrobatic elements are added. Flips forward and back, inversions, pirouettes and a little choreography are available for everyone after class. Discover your power and flexibility, check your sense of balance in a 360° moving space.
In the end we relax embraced in a cocoon, sitting or lying in the hammock.
This program is for all, who like inversions, challenges and fun of a special kind.
General Information
We practice with expensive and sensitive fabrics. Please avoid to wear hair needles, jewelry, rings or anything which can cause damage to the fabrics. Please check your finger- and toenails and smooth/file them if needed . We recommend casual clothes, covering shoulders, upper arms and knees. This offers more hygiene and convenience on the skin, because the fabric is often used in the armpits or the hollow of the knees. Furthermore we practice with a yoga mat under the hammock.