Flydays with Christine & Suza

Fly with us and discover the magic of Aerialyoga! Unwind your soul while flying and soak in the healing vibes of the gong and crystal bowls while in the relaxation sequence.

Tuesday 6.30-7.45 pm @ 31st January/7th February/14th February/21st February

Boardingpass €25 (regular) / €15 (students)




Ready To Fly?

Ready To FLY?

Feel free like a bird – go upside down and experience the ease, depth and relaxation in Yogaposes using the support of the hammock – in a space full of inspirational murals!

Christine, Sharon and Suza are VIA YOGA and we are the place to be in the triangle Germany/Switzerland/France where you can experience funky Vibes and Aerial-Flying-Yoga with the strong influence of the New York Aerial- and Yogaworld, presented with fun and passion!

Fun, fun, fun – Fly with us to experience the feeling of  “flying high and getting high” with Aerial-Flying-Yoga!