The Room

Originally the room was designated for an office and a relaxation room.

Inspired by friends, the idea came up to create a moving space to allow the staff to move and offer people teaching Yoga, Bodywork, Dance or just Moving etc. a space to rent just for the slot of their classes. This wonderful idea became reality.

Because the walls should get colored and the colors were already in our mind, we got the support of a friend who is working with colors as a Aura Soma Therapist. Green for healing, tranquility, Yin and color of the 4th chakra, the heart chakra (Anahata). Magenta for creativity, Inspiration, Yang and with a direct effect to the 7th chakra, the violett crownchakra (Sahasrara).
At the same time the flow offered a flying elfe, who planned the Aerial-Flying-Stations and made it possible to fly!

Then we were longing for the cherry on top, Murals for the walls, as they are in every room at Laughing Lotus New York.

The flow joins that the inspiring american-german Multimediartist Danielle de Picciotto adored the idea to create and design a Yogaroom with her artwork in Murals. Danielle de Picciotto choosed for the northern wall two peacocks hugging a lotus flower with their hearts and their feathers awarding wings if someone is standing in their middle or flying in the fabric.

Peacocks are power animals in the asian mythology and are used by indian deitys as a mount.
If a Peacock spreads his feathers, he wants to remind us on our own beauty, grace and glory. Peacocks are symbolizing charisma, beauty and self-esteem. They are showing us, to radiate our true self into this world and how we appear in dignity.

For the opposite wall she chooses Hummingbirds, buzzing around a lotus flower, they are power animals too and the only birds being able to stand in the air and flying backwards. They are lively and always moving.
The Mayas and Aztecs considered the Hummingbird as a symbol of the sun and love, and also a connoisseur of magic and heart opening. The warrior and sun-god Huitzilopochtili (Hummingbird of the south) of the aztecs had blue paintings on his body and is decorated with feathers of Hummingbirds.

Birds are symbolizing freedom and are considered as messengers between the gods or spirituell world and humans.

The magenta walls are decorated with the goddesses Durga, Lakshmi and the Elephantgod Ganesha. Pure Shaktipower!
To call for abundance (not material things) and beauty through Laksmi, to awake creativity in overwinding obstacles through Ganesha and to eliminate problems with the feminine strenght of Durga!

Our Murals, the colors and the room itself are created to inspire people and let movement being more effective and deeper through this invisible energies and influences of this extraordinary space and to connect with the smell of freedom. To feel free and wild like a bird!

Danielle de Picciotto created not just Murals, she successfully created the soul of the room. Her figures are speaking to the people and let them feel the special invisible energy and atmosphere immediately.
We like to thank Danielle de Picciotto for this gorgeous room, whose captivating Murals and energy are inspiring all entering the space.

Furthermore we like to thank the enchanting angels Christine Furler and Sheron Jerman for their advice, support and action and inspirations.

Bowing deeply and grateful with thanks to all of you goddesses, our room would not have this special energy – pure Shaktipower!